Enterprise Modelling

Below you find - in a structured list - the titles of selected documents relevant to the subject of Enterprise Engineering and Integration as well as a download of the CIMOSA Specification for Business Modelling. Each title is connected to a short version of the document, from where you can further navigate to the complete document or the document source.

Papers and Reports


·        From UML or DFD models to CIMOSA Partial Models and enterprise components, L. Cuenca, A. Ortiz, F. Vernadat;  ICJIM, 2006

·        A model for cooperative planning within a virtual enterprise, L. Ouzizi, D. Anciaux, M. C. Portmann, F. Vernadat, ICJIM, 2006

·        The realisation of enterprise modelling architectures, K.T.K. Toh , 2000

·        Contributions of CIMOSA to GERAM, K. Kosanke, F.B. Vernadat, 1996

Published by the CIMOSA Association

·        CIMOSA -  Open System Architecture for CIM, Technical Baseline (Hypertext Version) , to open the file, please download and copy at an USB stick, 1996

·        Enterprise Engineering and Integration - Why and How,  a Primer on Concepts, Purpose and Business Value, 1999

·        CIMOSA - a primer on Key Concepts, Purpose and Business Value, 1995

·        Publications  1999 - 2003,  2003

Modelling Applications

·        Enterprise modelling for operational decision support, K.-H. Sternemann, M. Zelm, 1998

European Projects

  • Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprises Application and Software (INTEROP-NoE), 2007
  • Unified Enterprise Modelling Language (UEML) , 2002
  • Integration in manufacturing and beyond (IIMB), 2000
  • Implanting CCSW and CAD  innovations into the user enterprises  (AIT-IMPLANT), 1999
  • Process modelling techniques research working group (PROMOTER-2), 1999
  • Tools and techniques for integration of workflow with GroupWare and business process re-engineering (INSTRUMENTS), 1999
  • Integrated business information systems (IBIS), 1999
  • Global approach to business process re-engineering (GLOBE) 1999
  • Integrated information and process management in manufacturing engineering (OPAL), 1998

Books and Journals

·        Integrated Enterprise Modelling, C.J. Petrie, Jr. (Ed.), 1992

Related Standards

  • EN 19439: Framework for Enterprise Modelling, CEN TC 310/WG1 - ISO TC 184/SC5/WG1, 2001
  • IS 15704: Requirements for Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodologies, ISO TC 184/SC5/WG1, 1998
  • IS 14258 : Industrial Automation Systems - Concepts and Rules for Enterprise Models, ISO TC 184/SC5/WG1, 1998
  • ENV 12204 : Advanced Manufacturing Technology - Systems Architecture - Constructs for Enterprise Modelling,  CEN TC 310/WG1, 1996

·        ENV 40003 : Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Systems Architecture - Framework for Enterprise Modelling, , CEN/CENELEC, 1991

CEN Workshop Berlin 2000

·        Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, (Working group report) Ed. Robertson


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