Enterprise Modelling

Papers and reports:

Enterprise organisation and the new enterprise paradigm, K. Kosanke, J.G. Nell

The paper is concerned with the organisational aspects and the decision-support for extended and virtual enterprises, drawing from current practice and identifying shortcomings in the current EE&I (Enterprise Engineering and Integration) technologies. The work carried out under the joint Europe-USA initiative (ICEIMT'97) is analysed especially in the area of representing humans in enterprise operations.

The advent of the new enterprise paradigms of extended, virtual and agile enterprises causes new requirements on organisational concepts and supporting technologies. Inter- and intra- organisational relations need more and real-time information to support their establishment, deployment and discontinuation. Business-process-based decision support will make a significant contribution to these new forms of enterprise organisation and operation. It will enable the forming of such enterprises by providing detailed analysis and evaluation of partner-business processes and their contribution to the overall goals and objectives as well as re-planning and restructuring of the operation in the course of exception handling.

Proc. of the 14th IFAC World Congress 99, Beijing, P.R. China


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