Enterprise Modelling

Papers and reports:

The realisation of enterprise modelling architectures, K.T.K. Toh

A structured approach for the development of an enterprise model and the modelling methodology aimed on the new manufacturing paradigms. A supporting CASE tool has been developed. The underlying integrated meta-model represents the modelling language used in the case tool. The CIMOSA activity construct has been used as an example of such a meta-model.

The CASE tool has been verified in a SME example in human-centred manufacturing realising the ARIS architecture but following a holonic approach. Emphasis has been on information specification.

The development process is seen to have the potential of universal applicability. Reference data schemas are important and established models can be integrated into the architecture. Also generic resources and process taxonomies contribute to the general applicability.

Intern. Journal of CIM, Vol. 12, Nr. 5, pp 403-417


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