Enterprise Modelling

European Projects:

Implanting CCSW and CAD  innovations into the user enterprises  (AIT-IMPLANT)

Objective: To develop a Generic Enterprise Change Management Methodology (GENCMM) and to improve associated tools in order to efficiently support the IT innovation cycle from strategic planning to the IT innovation integration and deployment.

Approach : Similar to a total quality management (TQM) approach but is applicable to technological breakthrough instead of activity continuous improvement. The methodology will be targeted to the whole extended enterprise and in order to take full advantage of these IT innovations, will consider the following enterprise dimensions,
- The technological dimension (maturity, openness etc)
- The process dimension (business process re-engineering)
- The human resources and the enterprise organisation (skill, culture, behaviour, responsibilities)
- The economical dimension (cost-benefits analysis)

Completion date : 10/99

Contact : DIQUELOU, Dominique, Regienov, Rueil Malmaison / France, Fax: +33-134957714

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