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Tools and techniques for integration of workflow with GroupWare and business process reengineering (INSTRUMENTS)

Objective: The objective of INSTRUMENTS is to investigate, design and develop a set of solutions to solve one of the key decisions that companies are facing today about their information systems support for their business processes and the usage and interaction among how to automate, in an optimum way, the co-operative process, that is, how to select and optimally use workflow systems, groupware environments and BPR decision support tools.

Achievements :

- A methodology facilitating decisions concerning which information systems available in the market are optimum for the different aspects for the business process. It will facilitate decisions about when groupware tools or workflow systems should be used, constraints and factors to be taken into account, how to apply them, benefits expected, functionalities to be obtained, etc. The methodology will help to make decisions at the time of designing or reengineering the business processes, as a complementary means to facilitate natural evolution of the BPR process in later implementation.

- A set of tools that will facilitate the transfer from the model, optimised and simulated by BPR tools, to the model used by workflow systems. This is one of the key issues for the usage of BPR tools and the workflow and groupware systems. This will eventually lead to a more integrated approach and to a better and quicker progressing from the business process and organisation to the final computer system supporting it. These tools include the definition of an intermediate format, and facilities to go from BPR tools to the Intermediate format, and from this format to final Workflow models.

- Integration and interconnection facilities between Groupware and Workflow, to be able to interact on both kind of systems in the same process and then, being the natural support to the previously mentioned methodology.

Completion date : 05/99

Contact : GONZALEZ-QUEL LOMBARDO, Agustin, Sema Group Sae, Madrid / Spain


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