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Improving the role played by humans in the development of enterprise engineering and integration projects through training based on multimedia, M. Hawa, A. Ortiz, F. Lario, L. Ross

Enterprise engineering and integration (EEI) should be done by people involved rather then through external consultants. The problem addressed in the paper is the training of the people involved in the enterprise operation to enable them to understand and use the methods and tools of EEI. The paper analyses the relevant human aspects of EEI projects with emphasis on people know-how and roles. The work has resulted in the definition of human-related principles and a corresponding eight step approach for the improvement of the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of the EEI projects.

Employing IE-GIP, the enterprise integration business process integrated management proposal (acronym in Spanish) in a tile producing enterprise, the multi media learning tool CILT (CIMOSA Learning Tool) has been used to familiarise the people involved with the CIMOSA concepts and architecture following the eight step approach. The tool is used for teaching and self-training as well as for reference during the actual EEI project.

For more information: aortiz@omp.upv.es

Intern. Journal of CIM, Vol. 15, Nr. 4, pp 335-344
Contact: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals

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