Enterprise Modelling

Papers and reports:

Development for an integrated methodology for enterprise engineering (IMME), C-H. KIM, R. Weston, H-S. Woo

The paper describes IMME an integrated modelling methodology with focus on multi-partner enterprises. IMEE combines process oriented and object oriented modelling. The first one supports enterprise requirements capture and analysis centred on 'function', 'activity' and 'dynamic systems' modelling and simulation approaches. The second one covers the conceptual design of multiple business systems, with focus on 'function', 'information' and 'behaviour' modelling. Existing and well proven concepts have been selected and integrated into IMEE. Relations to some of those concepts like Petri-Net, UML and CIMOSA have been analysed and are presented in the paper as well.

The authors claim IMEE as an enhancement of previous enterprise modelling methodologies aimed at modelling collaboration and interactions between partner businesses especially for applications in the business to business (B2B) environment. No industry type applications have been reported in the paper.

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