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Enterprise Engineering and Integration - Building International Consensus, K. Kosanke, J.G. Nell, (Ed's)

The ICEIMT'97 conference has been the major event of the Europe/USA sponsored initiative. The conference was preceded by five workshops each one addressing and resolving different issues in enterprise engineering and integration. The papers presented in the proceedings have been organised in two parts.

Part I contains the papers (all invited) presented at the ICEIMT'97 conference itself. Part II collects all papers prepared by the experts participating in the different workshop and presented in the plenary session of each workshop. Each part of the proceedings is organised into sections that will help the reader to select enterprise engineering and integration topics of interest.

Structure of Contents:

The first section of part I on Current State and Vision starts with the two supporting organisations, the European Commission and the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), presenting their views on enterprise integration and standardisation followed by presentations made by representatives of academia and the ICT user and vendor industry.

The papers in part II are organised in seven categories starting with Enterprise Integration, followed by Principles and Fundamentals, Methodologies, Human Aspects, Applications, Modelling Quality and Standardisation. Further sections present the ICEIMT initiative and Workshop Results, Basic Concepts and International Projects in the area of enterprise engineering and integration, closing the conference with papers on Future Challenges.

Proc. ICEIMT'97 Intern. Conf. on Enterprise Integration and Modelling Technology; Springer-Verlag 1997, (ISBN 3-540-63402-9).

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