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Reference models for the computer aided support of simultaneous engineering, A. Molina and R. Bell

The reference model described in the paper is based on CIMOSA to set the context and capture the requirements for CAE system to be developed and on the ODP-RM (reference model) used to define structure and characteristics of the system. The resulting framework will assist the development and integration of CAE systems used to support simultaneous engineering. The work has been carried out as part of the ACME/SERC project MOSES by the Leeds and Loughborough Universities.

Following a discussion of reference models, frameworks and architectures the framework and its underlying concepts are presented at a rather detailed level using a case study on concurrent product development to demonstrate the use of the framework for the MOSES CAE system concept. The case starts with the use of CIMOSA for developing the model of the requirements, which even shows a number of templates with the relevant information on the domain and the description of the corresponding business process, enterprise activities, resource capabilities and object views. Using the ODP-RM the CAE requirements are linked to the function of the MOSES CAE-RM. The three upper level viewpoints of the ODP-RM are represent in IDEF0 for the enterprise viewpoint, in IDEF0 and EXPRESS for the information viewpoint, and in the Booch notation for the computational viewpoint. The MOSES CAE-RM was demonstrated by designing and implementing the manufacturing model.

For more information: armolina@itesm.mx

Intern. Journal of CIM, Vol. 15, Nr. 3, pp 193-213
Contact: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals

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