Enterprise Modelling

Books and Journals:

CIM Architectures, H. Wortmann (Ed.)

The special issue contains one of the first publications on the result of the IFAC/IFIP Taskforce - GERAM (Generalised Enterprise Architecture and Methodologies).

In addition, one of the three GERAM base-line architectures - the Purdue reference architecture - is presented by T.J. Williams. Further contributions relate also to CIMOSA and GRAI-GIM - the other two GERAM base line architectures. The paper on evaluation of modelling constructs by D. Shorter on behave of the CEN TC 310/WG1 identifies 12 different sources for modelling constructs and compares their relevance in respect to a very extensive set of criteria. Finally a paper by M. Didic on an application of business process modelling based on CIMOSA provides an example not only on the modelling itself, but on the use of the CIMOSA Integrating Infrastructure as well.

Special issue Computers in Industry, Vol. 24, Nr 2-3, Sept. 1994


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