Enterprise Modelling

Books and Journals:

Architectures for Enterprise Integration - The findings of the IFAC/IFIP Task Force, P. Bernus, L. Nemes, T.J. Williams (Eds) , Chapman and Hall

Architectures for Enterprise Integration describes the methods to guide and enterprises and consultants, managers and technical personnel through the complete life-cycle of enterprise development. The book is based on the findings of the IFIP/IFAC Task Force and presents a review of enterprise architecture including the analysis and comparison of the three then major architectural frameworks CIMOSA, GRAI-GIM and PERA including an identification of the strengths and weaknesses from a user point of view as well as a roadmap proposal for the development of more complete methodologies.

Recommended for practising engineers and researchers in manufacturing and enterprise management, enterprise modelling and integration.

Chapman & Hall, 1996, ISBN 0-412-73140-1


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