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H. Cho, B. Kulvatunyou, H. Jeong, A. Jones: Using business process specifications and agents to integrate a scenario-driven supply chain.

A supply chain scenario is presented, which uses an integrating framework for supply chain operations among trading partners in a B2B environment using the concepts of business process specifications and agent technology. The behaviour of the enterprise applications of each partner is modelled as agent concepts by using Petri-nets. The business system of each partner is separated into a private and a public component where the collaboration between the partners is handled by the public parts. The paper focuses on the request for quote interactions in a three stage B2B environment (Customer – Manufacturer – Supplier) and does not address any of the other required B2B activities. The workflow of the supply chain planning process is presented in some details. An implementation of the integration framework shows the use of the different technologies (agent based Petri-net and modelling of business process specifications using UML) and their relations.

The authors see these concepts and models as a starting point for the formalisation of a structured approach for B2B supply chain integration and implementation.

Intern. Journal of CIM, Vol. 17, Nr. 6, pp 546-560

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