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Y. Zhou, Y. Yhen, Project-oriented resource assignment: from business process modelling to business process instantiation with operational performance consideration

The links between process modelling to project-oriented process instantiation are described together with an optimisation model for resource assignments in a multi-project environment. Based on an ex-tended activity on node graphs, a trade-off optimisation model between time and cost is developed considering resources, cost and time constrains as well as decision nodes. The proposed model uses genetic algorithm for the analysis and optimisation. An illustrative example with two different projects using the same business process arrangement demonstrates the usability of the proposed optimisation model. It shows the convergence of the process and allows to select the parameters for minimum cost and delivery times.

For more information: zhouyonghua@tsinghua.org.cn
Intern. Journal of CIM, Vol. 21, Nr. 1, pp 97-110
Contact: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals


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