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Integrated business information systems (IBIS)

Objective : To increase the degree of automation and the flexibility of business processes simultaneously, it is necessary to have an explicit representation of the semantics of the exchanged information and the capability to automate its processing. Since quantitative information plays an important role in all major business processes, the project focuses on quantitative and related information. The related tool has the capability to store, retrieve and process quantitative data, i.e. numerical data associated with a meaning, despite the fact that they might be incomplete, uncertain and conflicting. This capability is combined with methods for supporting the co-ordination of the information exchange between agents in a work group performing distributed business processes in a heterogeneous environment.

The development of IBIS takes an interdisciplinary approach, whereby the following topics are covered:
- Representation and processing of semantic quantitative information
- Modelling of business processes
- Computer Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW)
- Integration with existing distributed, heterogeneous information system.

Achievements : In order to test and consider end-user aspects during system development, two end-user aspects were selected to be included in the project. The end-users involved set requirements and demonstrate results. Furthermore, the partners are in contact with potential end-users and are aware of their needs through their daily work. Naturally, the partners will take advantage of the opportunity to have informal discussions with these enterprises.

Completion date: 04/99


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