Enterprise Modelling

European Projects:

Integrated information and process management in manufacturing engineering (OPAL)

Objective : To provide a concept for high-level integration of processes and information in the domain of engineering and production. The current level of integration is inadequate, because of the heterogeneity of information system components and data formats used to represent engineering information.

The approach taken is OPAL is as much as possible to use existing methodologies and techniques to bring the right concepts together to provide a robust integration approach. Regarding integration, emerging vendor-independent concepts like DCE and CORBA are considered as a basis to implement an open architecture for integrated information and process management.

Envisaged achievements: The OPAL open architecture will provide an umbrella, presenting information technology components to users and high-level business process applications in a unique way. A unifying set of information logistic services will be defined. Mechanisms will be provided for hypermedia access to engineering information, and to model and execute business processes related to the domains of developing, industrialising and manufacturing products.

Completion Date: 12/98

Contact : AMENABAR, Milagros, Fatronik System, Elgoibar / Spain,  Fax : +34-43743492


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