Enterprise Modelling

Published by the CIMOSA Association:

CIMOSA - a primer on Key Concepts, Purpose and Business Value

The concept of Enterprise Integration may be captured by four keywords : The enterprise, integration, computers, and manufacturing. CIMOSA as an ESPRIT initiative has supported pre-normative development providing a framework based on the system life cycle concept together with a user oriented modelling language and the definitions of a methodology and supporting technology.

The CIMOSA concepts have been validated by several ESPRIT projects and have been submitted for standardisation as well. The brochure provides an introduction to and a brief overview on the CIMOSA contents and its inputs to international standardisation. Further, it demonstrates the CIMOSA business value presenting several examples of industrial applications based on process modelling.

Intended audience: Professionals, managers, students especially in industrial engineering who in a first step want to become familiar with CIMOSA

CIMOSA Association, private publication, 1995

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