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Integration in manufacturing and beyond (IIMB)

Objective: The objectives of the "Integration In Manufacturing and Beyond" (IIMB) Working Group are to identify outstanding key research issues, promote the take-up of research results in industry. A number of subgroups are defined having research objectives which can be derived from the overall Working Group objectives. The Working Group as a whole will support cross-fertilisation of the work of the sub-groups.

Manufacturing enterprises have made considerable progress in integrating their core business processes. Information Technology (IT) has enabled this progress, although IT was certainly not the only driving force. Serious problems remain, in particular: Currently available IT solutions do not place sufficient emphasis on the need of manufacturing systems to continuously improve by learning and adopting to new technologies and market conditions. Humans play an essential role in this improvement process leading to "Learning Organisations".

Approach : The sub-groups will report their findings in open conferences and international journals such as Computers in Industry. A Web site will be developed and maintained by the Management group and will issue a bi-monthly magazine on current developments by all partners. All documents produced by partners will also be available at this site.

Deliverables will include; Seminars; position papers; two 'International' IIMB conferences; publication of journal and conference papers and a state-of-the-art book series to be published by a major publisher.

Completion date : 09/00

Contact : D. O'Sullivan, University College Galway - CIMRU, Fax: +353-91-562894


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