Enterprise Modelling

Books and Journals:

Integrating Infrastructures for Manufacturing, J. Goossenaerts, F. Kimura, H. Wortmann (Eds.)

The book elaborates on the information infrastructure needed by manufacturing enterprises in order to share information and to co-ordinate decisions and control.. The infrastructure should feature common methods and integrated applications for shop floor control, order processing, contract negotiation and co-operation in product and process development.

The book addresses five main topics:
1) co-ordination and systemisation of information processing requirements and their synthesis into comprehensive conceptional models;
2) development of information infrastructures;
3) design of control architectures;
4) conceptional modelling for extended enterprises and product life cycles;
5) definition of information and communication services for enterprise co-operation.

The book offers an interdisciplinary view of designing and implementing information infrastructures for the manufacturing industry and discusses the application and dissemination of enterprise modelling and integration concepts.

Proc. DIISM'96, International Conference on the Design of Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing, Chapman & Hall, 1997, ISBN 0-412-78800-4

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