Enterprise Modelling

Published by the CIMOSA Association:

Enterprise Engineering and Integration - Why and How,  a Primer on Concepts, Purpose and Business Value

Enterprise integration (EI) can enable improved communication, co-ordination and co-operation between people, machines and computers. EI based on sufficient IT support will increase operational transparency and reaction time and thereby improve the efficiency and flexibility of enterprises in the global environment. The IT support will facilitate the identification of relevant information and the use of current information in decision making. Fast and efficient analysis of internal and external information, evaluation of operational alternatives through simulation and prediction of their behaviour under market constraints are some of the benefits to be obtained by IT based enterprise integration.

This brochure provides an overview on the major methodology steps in EI e.g. how to identify and to use relevant information, how to model processes with CIMOSA, in extended and virtual enterprises, and how to establish the ICT support . Further it offers a short introduction to standardisation in EI and to the Generalised reference Architecture and Methodology (GERAM).

Intended Audience: those needing to understand and to apply user oriented methodologies in EI .

CIMOSA Association, private publication, 1999

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