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E. Ten Brinke, E. Lutters, T. Streppel, H. Kals: Cost estimation architecture for integrated cost control based on information management.

The authors describe a cost estimation architecture and a related cost estimation method applicable in product development cycle as defined in an manufacturing engineering reference model (MERM) described by some of the authors elsewhere. The architecture consists of four functions: cost estimation, production monitoring, cost calculation and cost modelling. Cost estimation is based on engineering specifications and a cost model providing relevant cost rates. Actual costs are gathered through the monitoring function, which are used to calculate the actual product costs. The latter are compared with the estimated costs leading to improved cost models.

Information management is based on the reference model and identifies three information structures relating to product, resource and order. These structures are partitioned in domains which represent different aspect systems onto which focussed and partial representations can be created by means of views, e.g. cost views. The related software architecture identifies six functional modules: cost models, cost determination, cost reports, data analysis, risk analysis and data tuning, which are to be controlled by the information management system. An earlier implementation for a sheet metal application has been reported elsewhere.

For more information: a.h.streppel@ctw.utwente.nl

Intern. Journal of CIM, Vol. 17, Nr. 6, pp 534-545 (2004)

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