Enterprise Modelling

Published by members of the CIMOSA Association:

Selected publications on CIMOSA 1999-2003


UEML – a European approach for standardisation in Business Process Management, M. Zelm, 4th BPM Congress, Munich, Germany, 2003-10-09/10 , www.newmediasales.com

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Towards user oriented Enterprise Modelling – a comparison of modelling constructs, M. Zelm, CE’2003, Madeira, Portugal, 2003-07-27/30 .  See conference proceedings reference above


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- Enterprise Modelling and Integration, F.B. Vernadat
- Enterprise Interoperability: A Standardisation View, D. Chen, F.B. Vernadat
- The Business Process (Quiet) Revolution, M. Levi
- Accomplishments of the ICEIMT’02, H.T. Goranson, J.G. Nell
  (See a summary of all ICEIMT'02 papers)

Geschäftsprozessmodelle für Wissensmanagement und Entscheidungsunterstützung, K. Kosanke, M. Zelm, Industrie Management Feb 2002, GITO Verlag Berlin, Germany


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2000 :

Knowledge Mangement and Trust in the new Enterprises, K. Kosanke, in B. Stanford-Smith, P.T. Kidd (Eds.) E-Business Key Issues, Applications, Technologies, IOS Press, ISBN 1 58603 089 2 Proceedings of e-2000, European eBusiness & eWork Conference, Madrid, 2000-10-18/20.

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Knowledge Management and Decision Support for the New Enterprise, K. Kosanke, Proceedings of ASI 2000, Bordeaux, France, 20000-09-18/20.

Enterprise Engineering and Integration with CIMOSA, M. Zelm, K. Kosanke, Proceedings of Knowtech 2000, Leipzig, 2000-09-06/08.

1999 :

CIMOSA: CIM Open Systems Architecture - Evolution and Application in Enterprise Engineering and Integration, Kosanke, K. Vernadat F.B., Zelm, M (Eds.) Computers in Industry, special issue Vol. 40, Nr 2-3, Nov. 1999.
Content: 20 invited papers present the state of the art in enterprise engineering covering new developments, applications, ICT support and standardisation. The issue uses CIMOSA and its widely known set of concepts, which have been recognised as the basis for developing relevant European and international standards, to present the state of the art and to show the evolution in the field.

Enterprise Engineering and Integration - Towards Real-time Decision Support, K. Kosanke, Proceedings (CD ROM) INTERKAMA-ISA-TECH, Düsseldorf, Germany 1999-10-18/20.

Enterprise Organisation and the new Enterprise Paradigm, K. Kosanke, J.G. Nell, Proceedings of the 14th IFAC World Congress 99, Beijing, P.R. China.

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Enterprise Engineering and Integration - Why and How - A Primer on Concepts, Purpose and Business Values, CIMOSA Association, private publication 1999.

Enterprise Integration: Current State, Building international Consensus and Recommendation for the Future, K. Kosanke, Pomiriary, Automatyka, Robotyka, 1999, (in Polish).

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