Enterprise Modelling

Published by the CIMOSA Association:

CIMOSA - Open System Architecture for CIM, Technical Baseline Version 3.2

The Technical Baseline contains the definitions  of the Framework and the different constructs for business modelling (Part I), the different constructs for IT modelling as well as the specification of the Integrating Infrastructure (Part II) and formal notations (including EXPRESS notations of the modelling constructs - Part III). A CIMOSA glossary (Part V) complements the specifications of CIMOSA.

Enterprise Integration concerns itself with the availability of planning and operational information at the right place at the right time. Modelling the enterprise operation in a process model provides the base for identification of information needs and its origin. Information which is concerned with the flow of control of the Business Processes and the inputs and outputs of Enterprise Activities not only of its function I/O's but of its resource and control I/O's as well. Using information technology for model engineering and model based operation control and monitoring requires a common set of modelling constructs and an Integrating Infrastructure to support model creation and execution in heterogeneous manufacturing and information technology environments.

CIMOSA provides a solution for enterprise integration supporting both model engineering and model execution as described in CIMOSA: Open System Architecture for CIM by Springer-Verlag 1993 (2. revised edition), ISBN 3-540-56256-7. The CIMOSA - Technical Baseline is referenced in this book and provides more detailed technical specifications on CIMOSA.

Intended audience. Those who want to fully understand CIMOSA, especially business users and model designers

CIMOSA Association , private publication 1996.

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