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System innovation: managing manufacturing redesign, L. Dooley and D. O'Sullivan, 2000

The paper investigates the impact of change on innovation and its contribution on the body of knowledge in manufacturing. The reduction in product life cycle time has lead to an enormous increase in development projects resulting in reduced efficiency and effectiveness in development work due to insufficient innovation management. A perspective on the various approaches to manufacturing innovation is presented and the authors provide a hypothesis on the reason for the inability to exploit this knowledge in developing effective innovation processes.

A number of key innovation levers to support the management of the innovation process are defined. The authors claim that 'finding the right technology or manufacturing process only gives an organisation a 50 \% chance in success of meeting its performance goals'. To re-motivate people on the need for continued chance and adopting the right process for managing innovation can bring a greater impact on a redesign project than the actual implementation itself. An overview on existing models of innovation and the paradigm shifts in manufacturing show the long history of the still unsolved problem.

A brief introduction is provided to the 'total effective integration' achieved by the Systems Innovation Manager (SIM) software developed by the authors

Intern. Journal of CIM, Vol. 13, Nr. 5, pp 410-421

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