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CIMOSA - Open Systems Architecture for CIM, ESPRIT Consortium AMICE

Enterprise operation efficiency is seriously constrained by the inability to provide the right information, in the rght place , at the right time, since it is difficult to to access information used and produced by different applications due to various hardware and software incompatibilities. CIMOSA supports the complete life cycle of the operational system from capturing the requirements to operation and model maintenance. An Integrating Infrastructure to execute the model copes with the heterogeneities of manufacturing and infiormation technology. It provides a set of generic system wide services to connecting the model to the real world components.

The book extends the CIMOSA specification in several ways by presenting in Part 2 the constructs for modelling of resources and organisational aspects as well as the an extended Integrating Infrastructure Framework taking into account the developments on OSI, ODP and other relevant standards. In Part 3 a user guide for requiremenmts modelling is presented. Part 4 is addressing legacy systems and the formal representation of constructs in EXPRESS and provides technical reports of the AMICE Project.

Recommended audience: Those who want to get a comprehensive overview of the CIMOSA framework and methodology with a sufficient level of detail.

ESPRIT Consortium AMICE (Eds), 2nd, revised and extended edition, Research Report, ESPRIT Project 688/5288 Springer-Verlag 1993, ISBN 3-540-56256-7

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