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Global approach to business process re-engineering (GLOBE)

Objectives : Reducing time and costs involved in BPR activities, while increasing the overall quality of the complete BPR intervention, specifically

- Reduction of the time and costs to analyse an existing process by at least 25 %.
- Reduction of the time and costs to evaluate process (re-) design options by at least 30 %
- Reduction of the time and costs to develop the supporting IT infrastructure, particularly Workflow systems and Executive Information Systems (EIS), by at least 30 %.
- Reduction of the risks related to potentially wrong or ineffective process re-design options.
- Increase of the consistency between process design and IT infrastructure development.

Given an existing or new business process, a typical BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) tool supports its modelling, its analysis and evaluation, and the simulation and animation of its likely behaviour. Existing tools suffer from various limitations, among which: they do not allow the  definition of a complete performance model; they offer a limited BPR decisions support; they do not provide support in the implementation of the re-engineered process, that is in the development and establishment of the necessary organisational, managerial and, particularly, IT infrastructures.

- An innovative BPR support tool, providing a number of advanced features
- An accompanying Methodology Handbook, which will define the process and performance modelling methodologies underlying GLOBE, together with tips and good BPR practices
- An Open Model Repository, which will support the smooth evolution of a process design option, defined and selected using GLOBE, into the supporting IT infrastructure.

Completion date:  04/99

Contact: BASSO, Monica, TXT Ingegneria Informatica SpA, Milano / Italy


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