Vol. 9/4,  date 2002-11-15
ISSN 1618-1646

Editor: Martin Zelm, Gehenbuehlstr. 18A, D-70499 Stuttgart,

The CIMOSA - News is published by the CIMOSA Association. The CIMOSA News will report on CIMOSA applications, evolution of its technical specification, advancements in standardisation and related items. Contributions from other parties are welcome. The CIMOSA - News will be printed periodically and is also available in the internet at

EI3-IC Initiative

ICEIMT’02 - International Conference on Enterprise Integration Modelling Technology: University of Valencia, Spain, 02-04-24-26. The Conference Proceedings titled 'Enterprise Inter- and Intra-Organizational Integration - Building International Consensus' are now available from Kluwer Academic Publishers (ISBN is 1-4020-7277-5). For more information, please contact Kluwer Academic Publishers, P.O. Box358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA, USA 02018-0358, Tel 781-871-6600, Fax 781-681-9045, eMail . For orders outside North, Central and South America, please contact : Kluwer Academic Publiahers, P.O. Box 322, NL-3300 AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Tel +31-785-576-422, Fax +31-786-576-474, eMail . Conference Proceedings: USD 150.00, EUR 158.00, GBP 100.00 .

 Summaries of the papers are available at the CIMOSA web site,