Vol. 8/3,  date 2001-10-30
ISSN 1618-1646

Editor: Martin Zelm, Gehenbuehlstr. 18A, D-70499 Stuttgart,

The CIMOSA - News is published by the CIMOSA Association. The CIMOSA News will report on CIMOSA applications, evolution of its technical specification, advancements in standardisation and related items. Contributions from other parties are welcome. The CIMOSA - News will be printed periodically and is also available in the internet at

More Information on ICEIMT'02 - IEMC'02
The International Conference on Enterprise Integration Modelling Technology will be held at the University of Valencia, Spain on April 24-26, 2002
The conference will present current status in inter and intra-organizational integration for electronic commerce as well as to disseminate results from the preceding workshops. Application areas include business-to-business, e-business, e-commerce, extended and virtual enterprises and supply chains. The conference will focus on the following themes: A series of workshops with a limited number of invited experts and each with a specific topic will precede the conference. Highlights of the workshop results and recommendations will form the core of the conference presentations. Sessions will start with an overview paper and the related workshop reports followed by a number of papers addressing specific items relevant for the particular theme like particular issues, results of research work, industry applications, standardization activities. The first workshop will be held at the EADS Corporate Research Centre, Paris on December 05/07, 2001. More information can be found at our web site