Meeting Report

ISO TC184 SC5/WG1 Modelling and Architectures
Paris, 2004-04-19/21 on Standards for Enterprise Integration and Interoperability.

The meeting was attended by 9 people representing 6 countries: China (1), Germany (1), France (2), Japan (1 partly), UK (1), USA (1+2 partly).

D. Chen and K. Kosanke reported on the EU Initiatives in the 6th Framework Programme ATHENA and INTEROP. Both initiatives are working on interoperability with the ATHENA Integrated Project (IP) involved in technical, more implementation oriented  work and the Network-of-Excellence (NoE)  initiative INTEROP providing for additional contribution via joint research and dissemination of results. Special emphasis in both initiatives is on dissemination to standardisation bodies. The INTEROP Newsletter 1/1 2004 has been distributed.

A work item on interoperability, the NWIP (New Work Item Proposal) for Interoperable Process Modelling Standard: has been launched.  The discussion on the content of a potential standards revealed a dependency on the two EU initiatives ATHENA and INTEROP. Therefore a potential project leader has been nominated to establish contact and report on results at the next WG1 meeting. Since K. Kosanke is a member of the INTEROP initiative responsible for liaison with standardisation efforts, he has volunteered to take the leadership for this NWIP.


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