Joint IEC/ISO Working group JWG15

JWG 15 - Meeting at Rosslyn and 62264-1 FDIS approval, Convener: Dennis Brandl

The joint IEC/ISO Working group JWG15 had a meeting called by Dennis Brandl on December 9-11, 2002 at Rosslyn, VA, USA with the objective to discuss current status of FDIS 62264-1 and CDV/DIS 62264-2 and particularly to

The JWG 15 committee looked at the following major issues raised in the early comments:
1) Use of computer-interpretable data exchange (SC4 WG12)
2) Overlap of key terminology
3) Multiplicity of object models
4) Treatment of date and time
5) Use of a methodology
A common JWG15 position to the above issues has been elaborated  during the meeting. All JWG 15 reports are available at

It was agreed that the 2003 meeting schedule for JWG 15 should be as follows:

In the meantime and according to what has been posted on the IEC and ISO servers, the 62264-1 FDIS has been approved by both organisations.  The vote in ISO was 10/10 =100%; the IEC vote was 19/19 = 100%.

Further information may be obtained from

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