ISO TRs 10314-1 and 10314-2, Industrial Automation - Shop Floor Production Model:

Part 1 - Reference model for standardization, methodology for identification of requirements
Part 2 - Application of the reference model for standardization etc. Technical reports which developed a simple Shop Floor Production Model, Generic Activity Model and a methodology (a list of structured questions that could be posed) to identify possible requirements for areas of standards in support of integrated shop floor operations. Part 2 also included a mapping of existing standards onto the model.
Intended audience: standards-makers (1991 / 1992)

CEN CR: 1831 and 1832

CEN/TC310 CIM Systems Architecture - Enterprise Model Execution and Integration Services - Evaluation report CEN Report CR: 1831 (1995) and Statement of Requirements CEN Report CR: 1832 (1995). An evaluation of some 13 projects concerned with various aspects of enterprise modelling which identified requirements for IT services required to integrate and execute (simulate, enact) an enterprise model.

Intended audience: standards-makers, basis for work on ENV for EMEIS. (1995)


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