EN/ISO 19440: 2006, Enterprise Integration Constructs for Enterprise Modeling
(Update 2007)

The standards have been prepared jointly by CEN TC310 WG1 and ISO TC 184 SC5 WG1. During its preparation, contributions have been received from members of the IFAC/IFIP Task Force on Enterprise Integration.
This standard defines Constructs for Enterprise Modeling, supporting the three-dimensional structure Enterprise Model Phases, Views and Genericity defined in EN/IS19439. It contains definitions and descriptions of the core constructs necessary for computer-supported modeling of enterprises, possibly as a precursor to computer integration or mediated human-system. 

The generic constructs of the modeling language are provided in textual description and with templates, containing header, attributes and relationships. An overview of the modeling language constructs and their relationships is given in an UML meta model graphical representation. 

The list of core constructs comprises: 

Further, the core constructs have been identified for the different model phases.

Normative references are:

Contact: David Shorter, CEN TC310 WGI Convenor,

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