CEN / ISSS  Electronic Commerce Workshop Report

The document  of 90 pages volume provides an extensive overview of state of the art describing 21 existing frameworks, architectures and models for electronic commerce for that source material is readily available. It presents a framework for comparison and discusses relevant issues. The purpose of the of the document is to create awareness about some of the major work presently carried out by standardization bodies, industry consortia and private organisations and also to ensure that use is made of existing solutions rather than inventing new or even proprietary ones.

The existing frameworks, models and architectures covered in this first edition of the CWA are:

· General Frameworks: the BizTalk framework, CEN/ISSS Electronic Commerce Workshop 'Building Blocks', ebXML Technical Architecture, the CommercNet eCo framework, IMPRIMATUR Business Model, Industrial Data Framework (STEP), Java EC Framework, OMG Electronic Commerce Domain Specifications, Open-edi Reference Model (ISO 14662), SPIRIT

· Trading Models: Ad Hoc Functional and Process Models, IOTP - Internet Open Trading Protocol (IETF), Open Applications Group XML Framework, OBI (The Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) Consortium), RosettaNet, Secure Electronic Market Place for Europe (SEMPER)

· Payment Models: Electronic Payment Technologies, SET - Secure Electronic Transaction, Trading and Payment model in TC 224 Report on 'Card-related secure commercial and financial transactions on open networks'.

· Security  Models: PKIX, Security model in TC 224 Report on 'Card-related secure commercial and financial transactions on open networks'.

· Mobile Models: MeT

· ISO standards covered: IS 15704, Requirements for Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodologies, WD 18876 Integration of industrial data for exchange, access, and sharing, WD 18629 Industrial automation systems and integration - Process Specification Language, WD 15531 Industrial automation systems and integration -- Industrial manufacturing management data, WD 13584 Industrial automation systems and integration -- Parts library, IS 10303 Industrial automation systems and integration -- Product data representation and exchange,

· CEN standards covered: ENV 13550, Advanced Manufacturing Technology - Systems Architecture - Enterprise Model Execution and Integration Services,

· ISO/CEN standards covered: WD, "Enterprise Integration - Framework for Enterprise Modelling,

The CEN/ISSS Electronic Commerce Workshop plans to issue a second edition of this CWA within one year. Contributions or comments for enhancing the present document are invited and will be greatly welcomed. They should be addressed  to the CEN/ISSS Secretariat, Rue de Stassart 36, B-1050  Brussels, Belgium, Tel: + 32 2 550 0813 Fax: + 32 2 5500966. ,


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