Meeting Paris, 2002-12-02/03 (Meeting report)

Objectives of the meeting: Review of

Participants: The meeting was attended by 5 people representing 3 countries (France(2), Germany(2), UK(1)).

Inputs have been provided on

Discussions and Conclusions on prEN ISO 19440
The document N192v8 has been reviewed page by page and after discussion the final wording has been collected for inclusion in the revision of the current document (responsible D. Shorter). The last open issue is the section on behavioural rules. A new version of this section will be prepared and distributed to WG1 members for comments (responsible D. Shorter and K. Kosanke). A new version of the complete draft will thereafter be submitted for ballot.

Discussion and Conclusions on the new work item on Decisional Reference Model
The proposal has been accepted by a sufficient number of countries, including the nomination of experts from the countries having accepted the proposal. The latest version of the draft has been reviewed and comments provided to the proposal editor D. Chen. The next version will be circulated to WG1 members to be reviewed at the Valencia meeting and potential submission for ballot.

Discussion and Conclusions on the new work item on Formalisation of Constructs for Enterprise Modelling
The proposal is concerned with the EN ISO 19440 Constructs for Enterprise Modelling and aims on providing a formal, UML-based meta-model and specification of those constructs, their attributes and constraints. By basing the work on UML and OCL, it will be possible to include many more constraints and clarifications within the normative part of its standards. the formal representation of the constructs. The work will relate very closely to the ongoing work in the UEML project. The new work item proposal will be submitted to CEN for ballot by UK as new work item under the Vienna agreement (responsible D. Shorter).

Discussion and Conclusions on preEN ISO 19439
The comments from the ballot have been reviewed and proposals for their handling have been recorded for the forthcoming ISO WG1 meeting (2003-01-21/24) to be presented at the ISO meeting by K. Kosanke.

Discussion and Conclusions on IEC/FDIS “Enterprise Control Systems Integration”
The UK comments have been accepted as the WG1 position for the JWG 15 meeting (2002-12-09/11) that will be presented at the meeting by D. Shorter.

Next Meeting: To be held at UPV, Valencia (to be verified), 2003-03-20 as follow-on to the UEML dissemination meeting.

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