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Tools for Business Process Modelling:
CIMOSA compliant Business Process Modelling, Interfacing Technologies, 2004

Interfacing Technologies Corporation provides collaborative software tools that enable business users to model, map and manage business processes and related knowledge with easy to use and intuitive single-user desk-top products and multi-user enterprise solutions. Whether you need a basic process mapping tool or you need a multi-user, collaborative modeling tool that everyone in your organization can use, Interfacing offers a solution for your needs and budget.

All of Interfacing’s BPM tools are fully compatible and use the same award winning FirstSTEP™ process modelling methodology. This means you can start small with Charter for Visio and grow into our Enterprise Process Center™ solution, without losing any investment in your work The FirstSTEP Model schema used by all members of the FirstSTEP Tool Suite originates in the International Standard Organization model of the manufacturing enterprise and resembles a very close relationship with CIMOSA. Its application areas of Business Process Design, Simulation of What-IF scenarios, and even its more recent applications of monitoring and management, corresponds well to the upper levels of the CIMOSA system life cycle oriented process model. Therefore, the schema also conforms to the relevant European and international standards of enterprise engineering and integration.

 The Enterprise Process Center (EPC) is our affordable, multi-user business process management (BPM) software product. It delivers collaborative process modeling and content management to every employee desktop. The EPC is designed for business users, the real owners of business processes. Its simplistic design approach allows business users to map, model and manage business processes, and view, edit and comment on those processes collaboratively and in real-time. A fully integrated content management function allows users to securely store valuable process documentation in a central location for easy access by all employees. A robust security function allows process content to be secured and managed.  Full audit trails of all activity are maintained, providing a solid infrastructure for compliance applications. Secure world-wide access to process knowledge via the web will bring incredible value to your enterprise.

Charter is a desktop business process management (BPM) modeling software. Charter integrates directly within the Microsoft® Visio® interface, providing business users with a dynamic and integrated process modeling environment. Because of its flexible design environment and ease of use, Charter is the ideal tool for the business users who need to quickly map processes in a stand-alone environment.

 Designer is a desktop business process management (BPM) modeling and simulation software. It allows business users to map and model business processes and run what-if scenarios on any aspect of their model, for better business results.Installed on individual PCs, Designer provides business users with an easy way to map and model business processes, as well as providing a powerful statistical analysis tool and integrated discrete- simulation tool to see the effects of potential process changes. The simulation tool is ideal for non-technical business users — the real process owners. They can use the simulator to look for bottlenecks, perform analyses on critical paths, cycle time and risk. Designer has been used by companies in finance, manufacturing, energy, life sciences and other industries for reengineering projects and to increase business knowledge.

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