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PACE Simulator Development System of IBE (PACE Version 5.0) 

PACE 5.0 contains besides smaller improvements of already available features numerous expansions. The most important improvements are :

PACE is a widely used object-oriented simulator development and execution system based on high-level stochastically Petri nets with time modelling. It has been successfully used in research, industry, education and administration since 1991. PACE allows you to model, simulate, analyse, optimise and even implement both technical and business processes to any requested detail in a comfortable graphical tool environment.

There are numberless applications of PACE in different application areas: process control, logistics, production line planning and control, factory optimisation, business (re)-engineering, communications, off-line and on-line dispositions, processor modelling, traffic and  town planning, airport luggage control, test environment for real-time programs, security systems, military systems, etc.

PACE can also be used to implement CIMOSA specifications (for a demo example see the IBE homepage.)

PACE consists of a graphical editor, a simulator with an optional animator, a translator, a debugger, an analyzer for specified models, a document generator, a user-friendly on-line manual and many unique features to develop graphical simulator interfaces. The program is easy to manipulate via the Windows and mouse interfaces, and can be learned in a reasonable time.

Together with the program a starter, an extensive user manual, a tutorial and many application examples are delivered. On request, IBE offers one-day to one-week introductory courses, start-up support, and project consultation.

Contact: http://www.ibepace.com


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