ICT Support for Enterprise Modelling

Tools for Business Process Modelling:

FirstSTEP® Toolset 5 of Interfacing Technologies Corporation (Upadate August 2003)

The Toolset FirstSTEP Designer 5.0 and FirstSTEP Charter 5.0 work together with the Enterprise Process Center(EPC) as briefly described below:

FirstSTEP Designer incorporates all of the enterprise mapping functionality (high-level process properties) of FirstSTEP Charter. Fields for these high-level details are provided in the Process Editor and can be added to Details reports.  Alignment, Structure and Focus brought to each of the customers management and employees with well-designed and explicit  high-level and low-level business processes.

Domains: Application management, availability management, process creation, resource availability allocation and planning, performance measures definition, process monitoring, job scheduling.

Main Toolset Features:

Exporting to the Enterprise Process Center (EPC) : 'Package As Feature' creates a zip file containing all files necessary to upload a Designer scenario to an EPC.

The Category View page in the Scenario window is now a single view. All categories created can be assigned to most Designer objects.

Activity Templates now include most activity fields. (Input and output materials and resource-based rules have been excluded). Activity attributes are copied to activities created from the activity template. During editing, attributes can be propagated to all activities of the same type.

Additional New Features of FS Designer, a selection (August 2003)

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