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Tools for Business Process Modelling:

FirstSTEP® Toolset 4 of Interfacing Technologies Corporation

With the most recent version, FirstSTEP Designer 4, the toolset incorporates such enhancements as a new reporting wizard, improved modelling flexibility, faster simulation, increased model security, multiple language support, project management integration and much more. The components are:

1. Charter for Visio®
FirstSTEP® Charter 4 is the business process modelling add-on that allows users at any level to quickly to effectively create, view and edit models. The charter comprises mapping, modelling, and documenting processes across an organisation, capturing process information and performance attributes of available process models. It is creating a process knowledge base, and Web-enabled multi-view, multilevel communication. Bi-directional model transfer with FirstSTEP Designer for analysis simulation and monitoring is possible.

2. Designer®
The main goal of the designer is modelling and documenting processes across an organisation. This is achieved by building business cases for improvement by optimising business process performance using the powerful simulator and reporting facility. Benefits are: understanding the organisational needs and goals as well as visualising the enterprise from multiple perspectives and monitoring and managing the business performance. FirstSTEP Designer 4 models can be dynamically simulated to evaluate performance, visualise current operations, test the impact of change, and identify alternative process designs and opportunities for improvement.

New features: Increased Modelling Flexibility, new built-in Report Wizard allowing users to quickly and simply generate numerous predefined and fully customisable reports, integration to Microsoft 'Project', publish model data to XML format and multi-language reports.

3. Viewer
The viewer aims at managing business processes as a team, capturing knowledge of process owners, running "what-if" analysis to process and easily communicating change. This run time version of FirstSTEP Designer is a cost-effective solution to view, validate, simulate, analyse and distribute models created in FirstSTEP Designer. It facilitates implementation of new modified processes and provides model structure security - the user can modify a scenario without changing the underlying structure of the model.

4. Designer for TMG™
The goal is to meet corporate goals by real-time monitoring of business processes, e.g by linking business processes and IT resources. End-to-end business process management with real-time responsiveness is made possible through the combined power of Computer Associate's Unicenter TNG and FirstSTEP.
Features: Application management, availability management, process creation, resource availability allocation and planning, performance measures definition, process monitoring, job scheduling.

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