ICT Support for Enterprise Modelling

Tools for Business Process Modelling:

CimTool of RGCP

Derived from CIMOSA, CimOsa/rg is a methodology suitable for several kinds of modelling:

     - System Requirements Modelling
     - Business Process Re-Engineering
     - Concurrent Engineering
     - Activity Based Accounting Management

CimOsa/rg is a prescriptive methodology to guide business users in describing how a domain of the enterprise should behave and to capture its particular requirements in terms of functions to be performed, the required Information and the resources to be employed.

CimTool is a low cost, user-friendly tool supporting  the CimOsa/rg Methodology. Benefits: Learning Business Process (BP) Modelling, documentation of, navigation in and analysis of BP Models.

Contact:  The previous link <http://www.rgcp.com> does not exist any more. A demo version can be provided by the CIMOSA Association


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