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CILT (CIMOSA Learning Tool for Enterprise Integration) of Polytecnic University Valencia, Spain

The goal of CILT - a multimedia learning tool for enterprise modelling and integration - is to improve the interaction within a project team, support the definition of project objectives and enhance the role of the enterprise staff. CILT conveys the CIMOSA architecture concepts as well as the modelling language and methodology . The tool is built on the CIMOSA specification, the Technical Baseline and structured in two parts:

1) a tutorial addressing the architectural framework and the modelling language,
2) a Virtual CIMOSA Tour to navigate through the modelling application methodology.

CILT can be used
· as a teaching tool, in specific or programmed trainer-assisted user training sessions seeking a capitalisation of knowledge in order to improve the engineering know-how of project developers.
· as a self-training tool, to enable individuals to acquire engineering know-how, following their own pace and without external assistance.
· as a reference tool, for a project review and analysis of concrete engineering aspects

CILT has been developed by GIP R&D Group at the University of Valencia/Spain, supported and reviewed by the CIMOSA Association and external experts in the fields of multimedia authoring. Besides the standard hyper-text documentation, CILT contains multimedia authoring features, like hypermedia, virtual reality and navigation bar (built on Macromedia 6.0 and the VR modelling language VRML 2.0) . CILT is running on Win 3x, 95 and NT, and Mac OS, it is available in English and Spanish language versions.

CILT has been validated in several studies and integration projects .

Contact : Dr. Angel Ortiz , aortiz@omp.upv.es
Departamento de Organización de Empresas
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales.
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

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