Enterprise Engineering Coalition

Below you find a list of projects and organisations who form a coalition of work and share common goals on Enterprise Engineering and Integration as well as on networked organisations.


VE- Forum : The portal to networked and virtual organisations

The objective of VE-Forum is to provide an integrating portal for all researchers and professionals in the domain of networked businesses and governments in Europe and internationally. It shall give easy access to past and future results in the domain and support communication and collaboration as a virtual community. As such, the VE-Forum complements NoEs, IPs, and other projects and promotes Europe’s global visibility in the field.

The  VE-Forum Portal has three main components:

Further, the project will facilitate a European research advisory group on networked businesses and governments and link it with the community and general public for idea exchange and feedback.

A special concern of VE-Forum is to represent and integrate the different sub-communities in the European Research Area and facilitate community co-operation and exchange of experience and expertise.

The project is an instrument to incubate a self-sustaining community, which shall be based on the principles of voluntary professional associations and academic communities. The role of the consortium is to activate the community and facilitate self-organisation. Project-progress is therefore measured as the capability to attract members, and to marshal additional revenues and contributions to the portal already during the EU-funded period for smooth transition after project end.

Status: Accepted in the European 6FP, the project is in early build-up.

For more information visit or contact Hermann Loeh, CeTIM (hermann.loeh@cetim.org )



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