CIMOSA History

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The CIMOSA Association (COA) has been established in 1994 as a follow-on organization to the ESPRIT (European Strategic Program for R&D in IT) project AMICE (European CIM Architecture). Members of the COA are Industrial enterprises, Universities and personnel members, both continuing from the AMICE project and joining after its foundation. 

An overview of the CIMOSA Association activities during 15 years from 1994 to 2009 is given in the attachment.


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The  COVE  project, launched in the framework of IFIP TC5, aims  at assessing research results  and  practices in  virtual  enterprises  and electronic  business, leading  to  the  design  of  common  reference  models, cooperation  infrastructures, and prospects for further collaborative developments. The project will facilitate the exchange and  refinement  of knowledge and project results on new ways of working in networks of independent but cooperative nodes

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